Conflicts of Interest in Lyme Disease


This report was written by LDA (Lyme Disease Association) In 2001. This is old news to veteran ‘Lymies’, but due to the constant abuse of Lyme patients, I felt that it needed to be on this site. Please feel free to share this with anyone that ‘doubts’ that the US government, IDSA, and CDC’s intentions are anything but fluffy bunnies and rainbows! As a Lyme sufferer, I can assure you, they are not! It’s all about the money, as it is with Cancer & Vaccinations and as it was with AIDS. For more than a decade, Lyme disease has been the object of debate. The academicians, pharmaceutical companies, and government agencies, claim the disease is usually mild and always easily cured with two to four weeks of antibiotics. The chronic Lyme disease patients and their doctors KNOW that infection usually survives the standard antibiotic treatment, and that its impact is debilitating and difficult to treat. You read, you decide!

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