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Okay, I KNOW that I won’t be making friends when I post this, but hey. Wrong is wrong, especially when you are preying on the sick. I recently ran across this ‘protocol’ and I wanted to share with you what I have found out.

The ‘Popular’ Facebook Protocol/Group/Page/Cult……?

I have heard tons of people in the Lyme world singing the praises of the Cinnamon Oil Protocol touted in the Lyme world (all over Facebook). Don’t get me wrong, I am sure it probably DOES actually work to eradicate some of the pathogens, if you care to venture into the world of the chemical compounds that actually make up the oil, which I did. I investigate EVERYTHING 5 billion times BEFORE it ever touches my lips. Just because someone said it works means nothing to me. We’re all individuals. What works for you might kill me and vice versa. Essential oils can be DEADLY if ingested or used without experience or at the very least a GOOD understanding of what you’re taking.

What ruffles my feathers is the fact that the alleged ‘creator’ of this protocol didn’t create it at all, yet she’s cashing in on it. It was created by a teenager in Europe. (see link to his site below)

Apparently, according to her many free (Blogger) websites, Google + account, and of course her Facebook Fan Page, you HAVE to buy the oil from her ETSY site at super inflated prices (3 times the price of what I’ve found online from Grade A, HIGHLY reputable companies all over the world), to then be ALLOWED to join their Facebook Group (Secret) and then given a protocol card.

Seriously. This is another buy before you try type situation here. Seems to be A LOT of this going around lately. Don’t fall for it. If there’s no transparency there’s something WRONG.

One lady posted on the Facebook page in question about NOT being able to POST in the PRIVATE group. I assume she bought the oil through ETSY, received her golden pass to the cult group only to find that it is on lock down and you can’t post anything unless it’s approved by an admin (I have an insider in the ‘group’). Another lady commented and her comments have since been removed. Seems a bit harsh? It seems if you question the protocol or any of the strange behaviors you get ousted/blocked/banned/slandered. Typical of some of the MANY dictatorial groups online.

Here’s the reply from the oil woman:

 If you ordered the Cinnamon from the Etsy site then you should have been sent an invite to our “closed” group where question and answers go on 24/7. We keep it just to those who purchase off the Etsy site as 80-90% of people will buy other Cinnamons that are Not strong enough and we don’t have time for the inconsistency with results.

Wild huh? She has ZERO scientific background but slings around phrases like ‘inconsistency with results’ like her Facebook group is some sort of Harvard brain trust gathering. What’s EVEN more bizarre is that sick people are so desperate that they will believe anything and pay any amount to be healed.

Avoid these groups/pages/forums, for your health and sanity, don’t get sucked in. I have, out of desperation, looking for answers. It’s a crazy, dark world of super inflated internet egos. A large amount of the people that run these groups have minimal education. They can be dangerous! Everyone online is an EXPERT. Beware.

I question whether or not this ‘person’ really does have Lyme or not. Some of her childs before and after blood photos on one of her Blogger accounts are being used to sing the praises of how miraculous HER oil is. Well, me being the sleuth that I am, did a reverse image search of her alleged Babesia photos and as suspected they were taken from the CDC website!

You DO NOT have to buy Cinnamon Oil from this person. You can buy it ALL DAY LONG IN BULK for a fraction of the price! I PROMISE you. Do your research, if you can’t then find someone that CAN. Don’t be a victim. Google Cinnamomum verum leaf from Sri Lanka. 

There are people literally BEGGING this woman to tell them how to use the protocol and she’s holding out for the almighty buck! Where is the compassion?

I KNOW what suffering is and there is NO way that I would EVER deny another Lyme patient knowledge.

The Protocol

So, here it is. Please do NOT email me asking how to use this. I have NO idea. I have never used it myself. I know nothing about it. I am only providing you (the reader) with another potential healing tool to add to your toolbox. (I did not type/write this protocol – It’s cut & pasted from the original source – which you will find below)

Cinnamomum verum leaf from Sri Lanka (Not with drugs) Eradicates Lyme, bacteria, virus, protozoa, rickettsia, Candida, other fungus and parasites.Will also kill cysts. When cyst break open with Cinnamomum verum it causes added zoonotic damages.
Diluted Pure Cinnamomum verum Leaf from Sri Lanka
56.8 ml Olive Oil add 16 drops
Example: Taking 2 drops daily and consecutively for 72 days.
2 drops of the Daily Drops with food or 6 inhales
1. Take the drops for 4 days in a row. Stop for 3 days to detox. Repeat this 6 times.
2. Take the drops for 5 days in a row. Stop for 3 days to detox. Repeat this 8 times.
3. Take the drops for 9 days. Stop for 3 days to detox. Repeat this 5 times.
4. Take the drops for 11 days. Stop for 3 days to detox. Repeat this 6 times.
5. Take the drops for 9 days. Stop for 3 days to detox. Repeat this 7 times.
6. Take the drops for 15 days. Stop for 3 days to detox. Repeat this 20 times.
7. Take the drops for 37 days. Stop for 7 days to detox. Repeat this 8 times.
8. Take the drops for 76 days. After this time everything will have been eradicated.
Or takiking until heavy herx is reached and then stopping to allow body to detox and renew cells . Repeating same until 72 or more consecutive days can be done.

The last (essential oils) should be used, to cure Lyme in 100% BUT as A LAST RESORT (when all the other herbs ceased to work and metals have been removed [!!!]).

It typically takes few years, i.e. 4-7 to get there (in case of 10-year+ Lyme so be warned).
It is, to be used last (as bacteria might get some resistance and killing Lyme in 100% might prove hard [!].

Remember: at the last resort.

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