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Online pharmacies

If you have no money for a private LLMD or there are none to be found in your country, there are online pharmacies where you can get antibiotics, anti-malarial drugs, hormones and other medications without a prescription.

This site does NOT condone the purchase of medications online or endorse any of the listed establishments below. Use YOUR own judgement! Sometimes bad situations call for drastic measures! If you do decide to self medicate, please read read read and get ALL of the information that you can first, before going this route.

Antibiotics & Anti-malaria Medications


This is actually an online pet store based in the USA, where you can buy Doxycycline… and YES they are the same as human drugs! More can be read here on how to dose etc.

Dr. Fox Online Doctor and Pharmacy

They do Anti-malaria & Doxycycline: malaria prevention for trips of 1 week to 1 year to all countries. Medicine from NHS pharmacy – UK regulated.

Online Pharmacy AU

They do Doxycycline, Anti-malaria and anti-fungal medications without a prescription.

Cal Vet Supply

They sell injectable antibiotics, pills, liquids and powders.They only ship inside of the USA at the time of this post. 

Lloyd’s Pharmacy UK

You can get up to one years worth of Doxycycline and anti-malaria medications if you are planning to travel outside of the UK to places such as Africa, without a prescription!

List of Pharmacies that Sell LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) 

River Pharmacy Canada

They ship to the USA. I have no idea what other destinations they ship to. (I know someone in the USA that received their LDN within 4 days, with no problems) No prescription needed.

Prescribe 4 Me (UK)

A telephone consultation is required. This telephone consultation service costs £30 and includes the first 28 days prescription for LDN. You will only be charged if the doctor decides that you are suitable for LDN treatment. Repeat prescriptions are then issued every 3 months, at a cost of £14.50. 

B12 & Other VItamin/Mineral Shots

Trim Nutrition
Unfortunately they only ship to the USA at the time of posting this. Please be aware if ordering B12 shots, do not order the cyanocobalamin form!! Cyanocobalamin contains cyanide. More can be read on the different types of B12 here. Methylcobalamin is the best bet.

Other Pharmacies that Sell Hormones, Thyroid and Other Medications Without a Prescription

In House Pharmacy

They ship to most countries in the world and only sell non-restricted meds. They sell Armour, Efra, Nature-Thyroid etc.
+ other sex hormones…. Based in Vanuatu.

International is based in the USA. All medicines on their site are strictly for shipment only to addresses outside of the United States. You must be at least 18 years of age to place an order. They sell pretty much everything and have been going since 1994.


This list is constantly being updated! If you know of any reputable online pharmacies, please contact us here and we will add them to the list.