Stop the Lyme Lies © is the brainchild of Mickie Stacey. In 2013, she was diagnosed with Lyme and 12 co-infections, plus several autoimmune diseases; after being misdiagnosed and neglected for nearly 10 years, by her (then) GP. She has been sick since 2005, but chronically ill (bedridden) since 2008. She’s had to fight for her life (self treat), with minimal help from NHS England. Recently, she was certified as a Naturopathic Nutritionist & holds a BA (Hons) Arts & Humanities.
In her quest for health, she began scouring the bowels of the internet for answers. She soon discovered that there were some great, very informative sites out there, but found herself constantly trying to piece together a lot of conflicting information. She decided that there needed to be a ‘mega’ resource site (from a patients perspective), to save newly diagnosed people hours of their lives searching and to educate others. Mickie, like most of us has struggled for years to be heard and to finally have a proper diagnosis. She is passionate about debunking the misinformation and lies surrounding Lyme Disease & MSIDs (multi-systemic infectious disease syndrome). She is committed to raising awareness of this horrible disease & exposing the controversy, lies & cover-ups.